About Deva Swimming

About us

DEVA SWIMMING INSTITUTE was established with a singular intention to revolutionize the swimming pool industry in India through innovative design, technology and international standards. Over 20+ years of experience Deva swimming Institute has built and maintained over 100 pools. Each pool with high standard, design, hygiene and quality.

Gymkhana club, in various cities have also trusted Deva swimming Institute to maintain and operate swimming pools for a long time now. Our firm has provided finest swimming facilities too many know industry like Hotels, Residential areas, Schools, Society, Hospitals, District sports academies.


1. Running, Maintenance and operation of Swimming Pool.
2. Construction of Swimming Pool
3. Design built operate the swimming pool.
4. Provide trained coaching staff at the swimming pool.
5. Provide trained staff for maintenance of Swimming Pool.
6. Provide special coaching program at the swimming pool

What our clients are saying

Deepak Says…

“I never thought I would be able to swim and now I love it. Even though I am happy with my swimming as it is now I attend a group class to improve my technique and get a great deal of satisfaction at the continued improvements I am making. Apart from anything else – we have fun!”

– Jun,2016
Sonia Says…

“I want to thank you for doing such a fine job teaching . how to swim. Both of us really enjoyed the experience. You were able to give her the confidence that she needed to go forward…You’re great people who genuinely love and care for children. I will highly recommend this program to everyone I meet.”

– May,2016
Priyanka Says…

“As an OAP I can assure you Deva Swimming Institute is great. After only five lessons I can nearly keep up with my seven year old son. Not only that, it’s fun!”

– Mar,2015
Ankur Says…

My 6-year-old daughter has attended Deva Swimming Institute lessons for just over a year and has grown from a timid, water shy child to a happy confident swimmer. She has learnt strong swimming techniques that will allow her to keep improving. I would recommend Swimtime to any parent looking for excellent quality, value for money lessons for their children. Not to mention the competent, skilled staff whom my daughter adores.

– Mar,2017
Ishan Says…

“When Heena joined Deva Swimming Institute lessons she came on in leaps and bounds. Just little things were very much appreciated. For example, when I told you that Heena was scared to swim without her goggles, you promptly conducted the lesson minus goggles for all the children in that class. When Heena came out she told me about the pretty colours you had said they would see under the water without goggles and how she had really enjoyed it.”

– Aug,2015